Maryanne Lassegard PhD LP LLC - Healing and Healthy Living for Stress, Anxiety & Depression
Therapy Services
Nonjudgemental supportive approach to healing painful emotional experiences.
Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT)
  • Structured Traditional Therapy
  • Research-Based
  • Mindfullness Skills Training
  • DBT & Relaxation Skills
CBT teaches you how to develop self-control, to learn to manage your thoughts and behaviors to heal from painful emotional experiences and create the life you want to live.
Gestalt/Integrated Awareness Therapy
A Holistic approach based on the principles that:
  • Self-Awareness is Empowering.
  • Integration of Mental, Emotional & Physiological experiences is a natural Healing process.
  • People possess an innate wisdom that surfaces when they integrate mental and emotional experiences.